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Binary Limited takes complex and challenging IT problems and develops safe, secure and simple solutions that are based on your specific needs. Our breadth and depth of experience means that we are an ideal partner to deliver a complete end to end service for small to medium businesses seeking to implement, upgrade or simply review their systems. Think of us as your IT concierge!

Binary Limited focuses on developing long term relationships with high growth/start ups/ businesses who share our values of technology as a strategic enabler. We believe in empowering and educating our clients on IT and the options available rather than creating a dependency on us. This keeps things interesting for us and adds long term value to your business.

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A note of appreciation for the outstanding work that you did to set up all my IT systems. It has made my business run a lot smoother and with more direction. Binary Limited was easy to work with and the service was exceptional.

Ingrid Cloete Harcourts – Brownsbay

It has been a pleasure to deal with Binary Limited. I now enjoy speedy and personal service, instead of being one tiny anonymous cog amongst millions, which is how it can feel with the huge companies. Binary’s manager is an I.T. guru, who can also communicate well with people who are barely computer literate — rather a rare quality! I can now look forward to an enhanced working relationship with my website, as well as with my I.T. company.

Jen Birch Webmaster

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Geoff Phillips CEO of

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