16 Apr

Cyber Terrorism Threat To New Zealand

Cyber Terrorism Threat To New Zealand

Today’s media conference with John Key highlighted an extreme threat to New Zealand and New Zealanders – cyber terrorism and espionage. However, for every day Kiwis the threat is less abstract and more insidious than terrorist organisations attempting to obtain information about purported weapons of mass destruction. The real threat for most of us awaits us every time we send or receive an email or log in to our internet banking – cyber crime is far from virtual and its effects can be devastating to your bottom line.

Most people don’t even know that they have been targeted and discover much too late that they have become an unwitting participant in the growing problem of cyber crime. Cyber criminals, hackers, call them whatever new faddy name you like – it amounts to old fashioned theft and fraud.

You may not think that you are big enough to target after all, your customer database is relatively small compared to the likes of Telecom, Microsoft or Yahoo. While this may be true, one of our mantras at Binary Limited is: your data is priceless. And, your garden variety hacker certainly thinks so as they have no qualms about hijacking your systems as a front to access other systems or they may decide to steal your identity, access your customer information, trade secrets or commercially sensitive data. What do they get out of this? Some do it for financial gain, others simply because they can. Their motivations are many and varied which means that your defenses and counter measures need to provide the highest level of appropriate security customised for your environment. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t leave your car unlocked – why would you leave your priceless data unprotected?
So the question is , can my company get hacked?

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