Managed Servers

At Binary Limited, we provide fully managed servers that are safe and trustworthy. We take care of all technical elements, leaving you to focus on what you do best while we do the same. Our servers are managed by our highly trained specialists who can deal with any issues that might occur.

Cloud Solutions

At Binary Limited, we offer the best in high-level security against ransomware with our robust cloud solutions. In addition, we offer the best in hosting protection when it comes to safety. Leaving your concerns at bay. With our cloud solutions, you have the option of keeping your data safe without having concerns about cyber threats.


At Binary Limited, we offer unlimited domain hosting services. This makes it possible to claim the domain of your choice and own it securely. Complete with SSL certificates and with no concerns. As a result, you can claim your domain with confidence. Secure in the knowledge that it will belong to your business permanently.

Quick Response time

We offer a response time that is quick and reliable. When it comes to business, time is money, and we don’t want to take up any of your time. Therefore, having a fast response time is essential in running a smooth IT support system. With our specialists always just being a phone call away, you know any issues will be dealt with in a fast manner.

Encrypted backups

Businesses need to have proper backups. At Binary Limited, we aim to keep your data safe while making online backup and restoring your data easily. It isn’t necessary to give your backups a second thought. This is because we ensure that they are all safe while running your business. Worrying about losing information is something of the past with us. Due to us offering you complete encrypted backups meaning that no information will ever be lost again.

NVME Drives

Our NVME drives hosting means we provide the best in high performance. In addition, our NVME devices are supportable for both input and output queues. This makes them deliver even faster and offer a more incredible performance. Our NVME drives boost any business securely while giving you the best in security and safety.

Amazing Hardware

Regardless of how much data you store online, you will still require hardware. The proper hardware solutions make it possible for all staff to access data safely and appropriately. Regardless of where they are. Therefore, your business deserves the best hardware. Our incredible hardware guarantees that your software runs without any issues. It is efficient, durable, and reliable. We offer you the best in hardware to ensure that your business’ hosting services run smoothly and safely.

Optimal Databases

The databases we use to store and organize your data safely are optimal and offer you complete peace of mind. Our specialists are experts at database development, providing you with the ultimate in databases. You will receive a completely optimal database that our fantastic team has designed to fit your company’s needs.

99.99% Uptime

Businesses need their systems to be running as smoothly as possible. At Binary Limited, we offer an incredible uptime of 99.99%. This means your downtime is next to none. You never have to worry about missing something while the network is down. This is because nothing is missed with an uptime of 99,99%. Your systems will be running optimally 99,99% of the time. Providing you with incredible confidence in your business’ systems.

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