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How to speed up your computer

Ever wanted to know how to speed up your computer? Sometimes buying a new computer is not necessary!
There are a few procedures one can do on a regular basis in order to keep their computer up to its optimum speed.

Remove uninstall unwanted software.

If you don’t use it, lose it! All computers nowadays have unwanted preloaded software installed on them. You probably wont ever use any of this software. The best thing to do is remove it! By removing it, you speed up your computer and at the same time secure your computer.

How to : press Windows Key > type Add Remove Programs > press Enter.

remove unwanted software


Disable useless startup programs

Make sure you disable the right software which starts up.
In the image below, if you do not need Adobe Reader to launch on startup, just uncheck it.
If you aren’t confident doing this, it is recommended that you do not disable Microsoft products.

Once you are confident that you have disabled all the unnecessary startup programs, click Apply.. The system will ask you to reboot in order for the setting to take effect.

How to : press Windows Key > type msconfig > press Enter > click Startup

Disable useless startup programs


Remove Temporary files with disk cleanup

All Windows operating systems come with a built-in tool called ” Disk Cleanup “. Disk cleanup software scans your computer for unnecessary files which have accumulated over time.  Disk cleanup will scan Temporary internet files, Offline webpages, Recycle bin, Setup log files, Temporary files and other folders. All these files are safe to delete.

How to : press Windows key > type Cleanmgr > press Enter.

Delete Temporary files with disk cleanup


Clean your registry

Cleaning your registry is vital! Every time you install software on your pc, its adds files into your registry. When you remove software, it sometimes leaves registry keys behind in case you decided to install the same software again. Most of the time it is software registration keys.
Removing these keys manually would be very dangerous. Luckily for you Piriform has a very handle software call CCleaner. CCleaner is probably the most widely used and trusted software to preform these actions and its free!

How to : Download latest version of CCleaner from from their website.

Clean your registry


Run Troubleshooter

Windows comes with a default troubleshooter. basically what this software does is search for errors and things that need attention in your Windows operation system.
It can identify out-dated drivers, software updates, speed up your computer and anti virus updates. Not only will it notify you of the problems, it will also provide you with a link to a solution.

How to : press Windows Key > type Action Center > press Enter

Run Troubleshooter


Clean malware

Having malware on your computer can be very dangerous from a security point of view and annoying. Malware is gathered from USB drives, internet and even untrusted software. The most trusted and widely used anti-malware program used today is called Malwarebytes, again there is a free version that works great. Once the program is installed, make sure you do a full scan of your computer and all hard drives connected to the pc. This process needs to be completed 100%, the time varies on the size and speed of your pc.

How to : Download Malwarebytes from their website.

Clean malware


Install more ram

These days RAM is much cheaper than what it was 10 years ago. If you run multiple applications, games, video and image editing software then definitely upgrade your ram. 32bit architecture can take a max of 4GB of ram, however 64 bit systems need at least 4Gb of ram. You can never have too much ram!

How to : press Ctrl-Shift-Esc

install more ram


Install a SSD hard drive

The old hdd’s are great for storage space as they are cheaper and generally have more space. However when it comes to speed, they lack it. SSD (Solid State Drives) hard drives on the other hand are very fast! SSD drives are getting cheaper nowadays. Using a SSD drives to install your operating system on is highly recommended as it increases the overall speed on your pc.
Other benefits of a SSD drives is that it makes your computer slightly quieter and saves power on laptops.

Caution : If you are not comfortable doing this, i would recommend going to your local pc repair store.

install ssd hard drive


Defragment your hard drive

Imagine having a filing system in your office with no labels and no order….there’s chaos and time consuming tasks. Basically what Windows defrag does is sorts out the “filing system” on your operating system. This allows Windows to locate files a lot faster. If you are heavy computer user, it is recommended you do a system defrag at least once a month.
Luckily for you, Windows operating systems come with a built-in defrag application.

How to : press Windows Key > type Defrag > Press Enter.

Defragment your hard drive


Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Most people nowadays are reluctant to change. Change is always good. Upgrading your operating system from Windows XP and Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 is recommended.
Not only does this speedup your computer but always provides a secure system. Microsoft has stopped providing security updates for Windows XP, this creates a very vulnerable system to hackers.

Caution : If you are not comfortable upgrading your system, visit your local pc repair store. Also remember to backup all your data!

upgrade to windows 8.1

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