08 May

Sustainable Workplaces

sustainable-workplaceContinuing the theme of technology’s impact on our work environment (see our post on 20 years of Internet), we take a look at sustainable workplaces and how they can work for you.    Many tenets of sustainable workplaces have their origins in the paperless office and this has gradually evolved to incorporate all aspects of sustainability.   Sustainability is a concept that involves optimising resource use to maximise longevity and efficiency and reduce waste – philosophies that Binary Limited subscribe to.


There are a few simple initiatives that can be easily implemented to assist your sustainability efforts.  For example, transferring your paper files to an electronic format and implementing an electronic document control and storage system.  Merely scanning and filing paperwork will save storage space, makes archiving almost effortless and if implemented well, can result in significant cost savings.  The electronic document management system needs to be relevant to your business (this depends on the nature of your business and Binary Limited will work with you to assess your needs) and be secure from cyber attacks and system failure.  Binary Limited can recommend and implement an end to end solution that fits your business needs and budget.

Electronic files also enable better remote working.  Rather than carting paper files or notes around, your employees will be able to access files remotely from home or client sites thereby increasing productivity.  You will also be able to access files on your mobile devices (e.g. mobile ‘phone, tablet, iPad) for easy working on the go.  There are a few considerations that go alongside remote working that help protect your data and you will need to ensure that these issues are taken into account to reduce your risk.  We have covered the key points in our post on the security risks of remote working.

Energy efficiency is also a vital component to any sustainable workplace.  Your office equipment can be monitored to manage system resources to identify high loads which may be placing unnecessary drain on your system (e.g. inefficient firewalls, programmes running in the background, applications that are on standby).  A few simple tweaks to your system can result in greater system efficiency and increased productivity.

Sustainable workplaces are often sold as being environmentally friendly and driven by good corporate citizenship.  It is worth bearing in mind that sustainable workplaces are not just good for the environment – they are good for your bottom line.  The cost savings of storing files electronically versus a traditional paper based filing and storage system can be easily quantified and is a worthwhile exercise.  As mentioned, Binary Limited is a staunch supporter of sustainable workplaces, contact us for more ideas and recommendations on how to improve your efficiency with sustainability.

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