25 Nov

Techvana New Zealand Technology Museum

Techvana New Zealand Technology Museum

Binary Limited first became acquainted with Techvana at Digital Nationz 2013 where we, along with scores of others, were reminded of technology past including childhood favourites like the Apple IIe, ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600. While these machines may seem basic by today’s standards (yes, there is more computing power in your washing machine these days) Techvana is a homage to the past and provides an interactive bridge to the present.

Techvana is simply Technology Nirvana or to coin a concept from Red Dwarf – “silicon heaven”. For those of you not familiar with Red Dwarf, have a look at this clip:

Mark Barlow (co-founder) along with his awesome wife Katie (co-founder), have 35 years of IT experience with Mark running his own IT businesses for over 22 years. Having started using computers as a little ‘whipper snapper’ at the tender age of 10 and programming in BASIC and Z80 assembly language by age 12, Mark had developed an intimate understanding of the language that forms the basis of all computer systems today. From here Mark went on to be a passionate gamer, as his love for all things computing naturally spilled over from computers in to other technologies.


Katie Barlow and Mark Barlow

The amazing Katie and Mark have lovingly created Techvana as a showcase of technology masterpieces and historical snapshots of our technological history for the benefit of future generations, thus instigating the genesis of Techvana – New Zealand’s first Technology Museum.

As well as showcasing the large and ever expanding collection of prodigious hardware, Techvana plans to run several programmes including:

  • Technology Exhibits; encompassing both old and new technologies from Computing, Gaming and Telecommunications nationally and worldwide.
  • Running education programs for schools and individuals wishing to learn more about the history and foundation of the technology we use in every area of our society.
  • Exhibitions on New Zealand’s IT history, NZ built technology and a variety of other related topics suited to being New Zealand’s Technology Museum.


Techvana Museum Location

Techvana is located at 105 Cook Street, Auckland Central and is open on Saturdays and Sundays between midday and 1700 hours. To view the collections outside of these times, please contact Mark or Katie for an appointment.

This is a great kiwi initiative and there is an opportunity to get involved in Techvana’s success by becoming a sponsor. The key assets Techvana can offer sponsors are…

  • Naming rights to the Museum, rooms and spaces.
  • Bundled Access to rooms and function space with additional rental at discounted rates.
  • Recognition on the Sponsors Wall in the Museum entrance with an estimated 25,000 visitors per annum.
  • Website recognition and links to the Sponsors website.
  • Exhibition space for the sponsor’s technology story and any new technologies they have developed.
  • Seats at the lunch with Steve Wozniak ‘Woz’ and tickets to the gala launch party.
  • Sponsor branding on the Museum collateral and merchandise.
  • The right to use the Museum in their own marketing campaigns (subject to approval).
  • Techvana Supporter Cards for their staff that provide discounts at the Museum facilities and events.
  • Advertising on the Museum website – 6x sponsors per page view, one from each sponsorship tier and an estimated 500,000 page views per annum.

Sponsorships can be for cash, product and services or a combination. If you are interested in sponsoring Techvana then please contact Mark Barlow on +64-27-4896721 or go to their website: www.techvana.org.nz

Binary Limited has seen Techvana grow from being a private collection of exhibits to the educational and recreational facility it is today.  It is always pleasing to see another Kiwi grown initiative take off and we look forward to seeing Techvana and go from strength to strength.


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